Touchsides creates a new physical and digital channel for our clients, leading retailers and brand marketers, to directly influence and measure consumers and traders through in-store touchpoints at checkout and via mobile everywhere else. The touchpoints also facilitate in-store e-commerce by bringing big-catalog retail to every trader. Touchsides is a source of real-time big-data and analytics.. With Touchsides, our clients can drive sales objectives and brand values directly to consumers and traders via focused and measurable campaigns, promotions, incentives and rewards. Consumers respond and their buying patterns are tracked by Touchsides in real-time. So too is trader data. This generates up-to-date, rich, first-party big-data. Touchsides data analytics processes the data to reveal deep insights into consumer and trader patterns and trends, which are used to fine-tune promotions and sales objectives – a campaign tailored to each consumer. The Touchsides managed solution is the complete, secure ecosystem that directly influences and measures consumer and trader behavior, from big cities to country stores. Touchsides combines the best real-world retail experiences with the best of the digital world – touching both sides.
"always start with why"
- Simon Sinek

Why Touchsides does what it does

Growth from emerging and developing markets is important to brands, retailers and e-commerce giants which are desperate to connect to the end consumer. There are huge challenges. Challenges of culture, strong regional players, cash economies, infrastructure and entrenched brand relationships. Global trends are increasingly focusing on below-the-line marketing, emerging markets and digital direct-to-consumer campaigns. Touchsides adds a new channel to this vibrant global market. We enable brands to connect to consumers via integrated mobile and cloud-based digital solutions and in-store touchpoints. We’ve created an eco-system that works across developed, emerging and frontier markets. A vast majority of consumers in developing countries shop in small to medium outlets. Touchsides solutions work here, bridging the missing ‘last mile’ between traditionally disconnected traders and the purely online world. And why do we do this? So we can run marketing campaigns that really work. So we can incentivize traders. So we can build data every step of the way. So we can analyze this and improve consumer response. That makes consumers happy, which makes our clients happy. And Touchsides likes happy clients.


With years of experience in international markets, the Touchsides team’s diverse skills range from marketing to computer engineering; from business to data science; and from project management to operational support. These are skills that drive in-market success.


Touchsides is a full-stack technology company owning and operating its own IP. We have developed and enhance our own hardware and software systems, and deploy our back-end for scale on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The in-store Touchsides touchpoint device is able to operate securely in online and offline conditions. It integrates seamlessly with existing POS infrastructure or works as a stand-alone POS. The flexible end-to-end Touchsides platform allows us to bring new products and services to market quickly and remotely.


Touchsides manages the system through centralized operations portals. Marketing campaigns, trade promotions, devices, traders, consumers, data, messaging and more are all managed in an integrated, secure back-end environment providing full real-time visibility of the entire ecosystem.
"retail will change more in the next 5 years than the last 50"
- Christian Davies, Executive Director: Fitch