TouchRetail™ is the anchor product. Within a retailer footprint and corresponding shopper universe, the system captures shopper demographics, shopping data, habits, patterns, pricing, promotional activity and detailed baskets. Touchsides works with retailers and brands to realize the power of true consumer engagement and trader incentivization. The Touchsides solution includes the proprietary Touchsides device which is installed at each trader and a secure NFC card for every consumer who is signed up. By registering each consumer on the Touchsides back-end, the following detailed information is available: who the consumer is – name, gender, date of birth, mobile number; who shopped, where and when; what products they purchased; what promotions and campaigns they responded to; and what coupons and vouchers they redeemed. The system offers instant communication to drive consumers to stores and to offer benefits at massive scale. The data profile of registered consumers is continually enhanced by their activities, whether through in-store purchase or through related on-line portals.

Brand owners are offered the 'holy-grail' of fast-moving consumer goods – this is finally a way to reach consumers and traders and track distribution and sales in hard-to-reach areas. Entrepreneurial traders are offered point-of-sale devices that enhance their ability to trade, keep their stores stocked, and provide value to their consumers. Consumers are offered discounts and incentives for their favorite products and are introduced to new options. Benefits: Touchsides enables the direct influence on trial, conversion and sales of products through a measurable model, providing a direct return on investment. The Touchsides model gathers smart data, building long term and personal relationships with both traders and consumers, based on purchase behavior across a complex retail environment. Through Touchsides, brands and consumer goods companies and retail chains can optimize supply chain models while incentivizing traders.
"retail will change more in the next 5 years than the last 50"
- Christian Davies, Executive Director: Fitch