The science of letting brands know what consumers buy today and what they’ll want tomorrow

Buying habits never stay the same, so your business strategies shouldn’t either

Touchsides keeps up with what real consumers like in real time. Using large-scale data, AI and machine-learning, we understand how some products sell and others don’t, and we use this knowledge to influence shoppers through direct, measurable digital marketing.

Real products, real consumers, real stores, and in real time. We stitch them all together.

The consumer market is vibrant and dynamic, even more so in high-growth emerging markets. Our real-time processes help us track this by gaining insight through real-time data into who the shoppers are, what they like to buy and for how much, when they like to buy it, and when this changes.

These insights allow us to optimise your brand positioning with adaptable data-driven strategies that keep pace with the evolving market, and to provide this through analytical dashboards, AI/machine-learning predictions, and recommendations.

We help you make decisions about what your business does through the power of detailed data and data science, knowing where and with who your products should connect best to optimise marketing impact and improve sales conversion

Case Studies

We’ve worked everywhere from China and Southeast Asia to Africa, Europe and the Americas