Touchsides | What we do

We provide a unitary digital eco-system that connects and markets brands to consumers and measures the results as sales

Our Services

Using first-party transactional data, we perform analysis across time and geography to learn what shoppers like to buy, where and at what times they like to buy it, what they can afford, and at what price points products sell. Combined with consumer demographics and buying patterns, these insights help us understand, predict and recommend the everchanging nature of consumer buying habits. And we do this from the hyperlocal to the national scale.

We execute digital direct-to-consumer marketing techniques that results in measurable real-world sales. Our use of digital promotional campaigns attracts shoppers, while a rewards system connects brands directly to the end-consumer where they shop. We automate the marketing campaigns using in-house developed technologies and measure the outcome as the return-on-marketing investment (ROMI), leading to more efficient use of campaign budgets.

Our data science analysis determines how your brand is performing against its competitors and its category, and how to improve it. It also determines where and at what cost prospective buyers will support a new product launch or promotional campaign. From this, we recommend in what regions and outlets your sales force should take corrective action to improve product availability, stock levels, and price compliance.

We evaluate the existing market data and trends to analyse what similar products sell well and to who or where market gaps exist. If your brand is launching a new product, we determine where your product would be most popular with which consumer demographic and at what target price point. Our analysis also guides the selection of pack size and type, seasonal preferences and more.

We offer a new digital channel for brands to reach their consumers with the best chance of converting marketing effort into sales

We empower small and medium-sized enterprises with the tools to manage and grow their business. This may be electronic point of sale (ePOS) devices that we manage digitally or existing ePOS devices that we integrate into.

From these, we collect first-party consumer, transactional and stock data in real time.

The data is aggregated in our cloud platform where we interpret and transform it into actionable marketing and sales strategies.

We run digital marketing campaigns and promotions and measure their effectiveness through the sales data.

Our data science team applies statistical techniques, machine-learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics methods to this information to measure the shifting buying patterns of consumers and the effectiveness of the marketing and sales campaigns; from being descriptive of what is happening, to being predictive of what will happen in the future and then prescriptive of what actions to take.

The real-time results are accessible through dynamic dashboards and web-portals, which can be accessed anywhere and on any device.

We further humanise the data by providing interpreted analysis, actionable insights and data-story-telling to the system recommendations – exactly what the data is telling us, and what to do with it. These processes combine the best of data science and human insights.

We’ve created an end-to-end technology stack that is internationally deployable at scale

We’ve designed and built a robust suite of cloud-based solutions that supports our high-throughput data streams, data engineering, data science, marketing and system management platforms. The end-to-end solution is offered as a turnkey service to our clients as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

This is supported by a professional team of analysts and engineers who create bespoke data solutions to support your custom needs and integrations.

We take care of everything, beginning to end, allowing you to focus on the value of the data, insights, digital marketing channel and sales optimisation to your brand.

Touchsides’ footprint is in over
10 000 outlets
in SA alone

19 million shopping baskets per month

43 million products sold per month

> R1.1 billion sales per month

100 transactions per second

Touchsides was established as a means to bridge the gap that exists between brands and end-consumers in markets throughout the world. That’s why we’ve created a set of business-to-business solutions that help brands reach their consumers in new digital ways.

At Touchsides, the power of data drives business strategy through data-driven marketing and sales. By touching all sides of the value chain, we bring brands, outlets and consumers together, unlocking value for each.

Data security and privacy is vitally important

All consumer data is protected by the consumer laws of each relevant country. Our platforms use ISO-certified security and intrusion prevention measures. We work with multiple competing brands using efficient data segregation protocols. There is no third-party access to our back-end systems to protect the privacy of consumers, outlets, and our clients.